FabLab Den Haag

The FabLab The Hague is a public hi-tech workshop where visitors can rent work space. The lab contains a variety of modern prototyping machinery that can be used to create (almost) anything. Our lab has been used to create innovative prototypes, (architectural) models, small series, custom products and for interesting experiments such as personalizing existing products.

Inexperienced users can get up and running quickly with help of an expert Lab engineer, while experienced users can start using the machines right away. All work spots are available at actual cost, so visitors can get acquainted with the possibilities of computer controlled machines at a fair price. Jobs that would take ages or aren’t even possible by hand, can be performed by the FabLab machines with great accuracy and within minutes.

Since the official launch in May 2007, FabLab The Hague has been visited by a wide range of professionals such as architects, product designers, traditional and contemporary artists, musicians, graphic artists, engineers, fashion designers, teachers and inventors. Additionally, the work spots of FabLab are frequently booked by students from many different institutions including Technical University Delft, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Willem de Kooning Academy, The Hague University, Gerrit Rietveld Academy and Leiden University.